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Cause of Human Conflict

1. What is the reason why men who are inclined to repel evil and pursue goodness, find themselves performing evil acts which they do not want to do?
Men have no choice but to perform evil acts
Family & societal influence
Satan, the master of all evil forces, influences us by working through our evil mind
It is a natural phenomenon

2. What do you think is the best way to deal with our evil tendencies?
Change the family and our society at large
Understand who and what Satan is and then begin to understand the origin and workings of our evil mind
Believe in our goodness
There is no such thing as evil. It is all in the mind.

3. The Bible explain that the root of sin is
the first ancestors eating of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil
simply disobedience
not important

4. Divine Principle explain that the fruit is symbolic because
God is a God of love
"Not what goes in the mouth defiles a man but what comes out of it"
God would never have such a merciless test
desire for life is great than desire for literal fruit
all the above

5. Man's desire for the Tree of life at the time of Adam, Old Testament and even Christians of the New Testament era symbolises
he is fallen
his desire to accomplish God's original purpose of Creation- perfected Adam
that he should be upright in his character
that he should strive to live a long life

6. What must Adam have hoped while he was in the Garden of Eden?
material possessions
like God, perfected in love and truth

7. The Tree of Life symbolises
a literal tree in the Garden of Eden
man fulfilling the purpose of creation: Perfected Adam
eternal physical life

8. Adam was deprived of the right to the Tree of life because(God place the cherubim and the flaming sword to block the way to the Tree of Life)
he and his descendants have become false Trees of Life after the Fall
God predestined Adam not to be perfected
God would send Jesus later as the perfected Adam
God is almighty

9. What is God's hope for fallen men after the Fall
live a righteous life
live a conscientious life
that mankind be grafted to a True Tree of Life (Messiah) to become True Trees of Life
strive for success in this world

10. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolises
Eve before the Fall who could choose the path of goodness by obeying God or the path of Lucifer which is evil.
Satan's tree
that God wanted mankind to have both good and evil

11. The serpent that deceived Eve symbolises
a spiritual being who could twist the words of God and deceive His children, Adam and Eve.
God's evil power
the evil tendencies in man
the Evil Being that pre-existed with God

12. Who is the Ancient Serpent today called Satan?
pre-existed with God except with a contrary purpose
evil forces that exist in this world
Lucifer, an Archangel, who was originally created good but fell like Adam & Eve and today is able to dominate man's mind and spirit making man lead an evil life
imaginary being

13. Is it possible that there are good & evil angels?
Yes. In II Peter 2:4 God said that He did not spare the angels that sinned but casted them into hell.
No. God created only good angels

14. How did Lucifer and his angels sinned against God?
disobedience like Adam & Eve
God predestined them to be evil
sinned like the people of Sodom & Gomorrah: illicit love relationships or sexual sin
Lucifer was arrogant and he fought with other angels

15. Why do you think Adam and Eve were ashamed of their nakedness after eating of the fruit?
their eyes were opened
God wanted them to wear clothes anyway
ashamed of their disobedience
committed sin with their sexual organs-sexual sin

16. What desire of Adam & Eve is greater than the desire for life("day you eat of it you shall die")?
delicious fruit
to be like God
love of husband and wife: sexual love

17. Why did God forbid Adam and Eve to have love relationships(not to eat)?
Adam & Eve were the first brother and sister and God wanted them to be matured before blessing them as the first husband and wife.
God was testing them
Adam and Eve were never intended to be married
Sexual love was a temptation they have to overcome

18. After the Fall, fallen mankind has a blood relationship with Satan, why?
Satan put his blood into the fruit
Love relationship between Adam and Eve was blessed by the false father, Satan. We are the sons & daughters of Satan("brood of viper")
Satan loves us
Adam and Eve love Satan

19. With this important understanding of the root cause of sin, what is God's plan of salvation?
God, Himself, has to come as a man and be triumphant with the temptations of life.
God's salvation is not of this world
Change the blood lineage of fallen man through the Messiah so that mankind can become the sons and daughters of God( "...groan inwardly as we wait for adoption as sons ")
Save those who are obedient to the Messiah and give them eternal life and condemn the rest for eternity.

20. What conclusions can we make?

1. Fruit means
literal fruit
Eve's love
not important
2. Satan gave the fruit to Eve means
Satan like Eve alot
Satan knew that Eve was thirsty and hungry
Eve had a illicit love relationship with Satan
3. Eve then gave the fruit to Adam means
Eve seduced Adam and had a illicit love relationship with Adam
shared her food with Adam
Eve was kind and considerate of Adam
4. Adam & Eve established a fallen blood lineage with Satan means
this original sin they have committed is passed down from generation to generation
Adam and Eve believe in Satan more than God
God cannot love mankind anymore

21. What evidences can we show that the sin is sexual? (check if it is true)
all major religions regard adultery as one of the greatest sins
the Israelites had to be circumcised as a condition to become God's elect.(they committed sin with their sexual organ)
historically, great civilisations have collapsed even though man has made great advances in all major fields due to man's inclination toward immorality and degradation
celibacy was a necessary condition for religious leaders to make

22. Many people believe that we are living in the Last Days. What is Satan's most lethal weapon against mankind?
religious and racial resentment and hatred
Satan control mankind by invading his emotion and love of man because Adam and Even entered into marriage without the blessing and permission of God.

23. What are the results of this original sin of our first father and mother of mankind?(check if it is true)
Satan became the "God" of this world
Satan dominates man effortlessly because he is the master of this fallen world
Satan is the ruler of this world because he rules the lives of fallen mankind

24. What motivated the Archangel Lucifer to have a illicit love relationship with Eve?
Lucifer was bored
fun and he was a rebel in heart
he wanted to supplement his feeling of lack of love due to the fact that God loved Adam and Eve more than him

25. What is the reason why God love Adam and Eve more than Lucifer?
God decision is unquestionable
God wanted Lucifer to be jealous so that he can tempt Adam and Eve
Lucifer is in the position of servant. Adam and Eve are God's children and with this position comes responsibilities which God expected of His children. That is also why the commandments were given to Adam and Eve.
Adam & Eve are the last of God's creation.

26. This illicit love relationship between Lucifer and Eve is the
physical fall
spiritual fall
physical and spiritual fall

27. Why is it difficult for us to accept the possibility of a sexual relationship between a spiritual being like Lucifer and Eve?
due to the fall we lost our spiritual senses- we doubt the reality of the substantial spiritual world and our spirit self.
it is simply not possible
God, Almighty, would never have allowed such an act to take place
Archangels were created good. Not possible for them to seduce Eve

28. The illicit love relationship between Adam and Eve is the
spiritual fall
physical fall

29. Explain the circumstances that led to the illicit love relationship between Adam & Eve. Enter the number sequence to the events.
she wanted to return to Adam(pure and innocent) to correct her wrongdoing and rid herself of fear
she seduced and tempted Adam and entered into an illicit sexual relationship with Adam
her uneasy conscience and realisation that her intended spouse was Adam, caused her to have fear

30. Explain how the blood lineage of sin and fallen nature is transmitted to the descendants of Adam and Eve(all mankind)?
we cannot inherit the sin of our ancestors
Sin and fallen nature that result from the fall of Eve and Lucifer is passed down to the descendants of Adam & Eve in the same manner she inherited it from Satan.
God cursed the descendants of Adam and Eve because of their disobedience with the plan of sending the Messiah for salvation later.
Satan planted sin and fallen nature on the descendants of Adam & Eve

31. Explain what would have happened if Adam and Eve had obeyed God instead of succumbing to Lucifer's temptation.
God would have tested them in other ways
They would have perfected themselves as sons and daughters of God and God would have blessed them as husband and wife centering on God's love and multiplied children of goodness.
Lucifer would have other ways to make them fall
We cannot know for sure because God has not revealed this in the Bible

32. If Eve obeyed God
Eve would be the Tree of Knowledge of Goodness and the fruit she eat(love) would be good
Eve would not be married to Adam
she would not die and she would have eternal physical life
God would have created mankind modelled after people like Adam and Eve

33. Since Eve disobeyed God
Eve became the Tree of Knowledge of Goodness
Eve became the Tree of Knowledge of Evil and giving the evil fruit(love) to Adam have resulted in children of sin
God would destroy all fallen mankind except those that believe in Christ.
God cannot keep His original purpose of creation and since then has changed His plan altogether

34. Eve is likened as a Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil because
her love(fruit) can either be good or evil depending whether she is centred on God or Satan
Eve has both good and evil nature
Eve should be wise and knowledgeable
God wants her to be a person of great knowledge.

35. How has Satan been so effective in accussing and demoralising mankind?
man's false love of sexual promiscuity and infidelity and through this Satan has condemned the human family to destruction
man's advocate in Christ has not returned
man has lost his spirituality
man is inherently materialistic

36. What are the consequences of the Fall of Man? (check if true)
Unprincipled or false love was multiplied horizontally giving birth to children of sin
Satan uses evil men on earth and evil spirits in the spirit world to manifest his powers. Evil spirits controlled fallen man by exploiting man's sinful and fallen nature
Love is good or evil depending on the motivation, direction and purpose of the love action. Adam and Eve's love centering on Satan's love resulted in sinful and evil children. Love centering on God would give opposite results: children of goodness
Good and evil is not determined by the action or the person.

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