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DP Online Outreach System

Personal outreach website

  • Created and maintained by us.
  • Choose a subdomain name:
  • Simple form on website for your guests to sign up
  • Guests list available on request

Outreach made easy

  • Calling cards, bookmarks or brochures
  • Ready-to-use template(Word) to create your own outreach card: Click here
  • Adwords or keywords on Google or Yahoo for local searchers to find you: e.g. “new truth”, “principled lifestyle”.

Three Email Presentations (Multi-media)

  • Automated email delivery system: sends one to guest every three days.
  • Flash presentations based on the 6-hour lecture of Divine Principle.
  • Narration included (turn on speakers)
1st e-mail
2nd e-mail
3rd e-mail

Reasonable Cost

Because of the effort and time needed to set up your website, emails and database, we are requesting a one-time set-up fee of $10. This allows us to maintain and improve this outreach system for you.
Please sign up here to setup your outreach website.

If you would like, try out the site in the shoes of your guests :