A Slide Presentation
Divine Principle- An Introduction
Understanding God's Heart


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This series of slide presentations is an attempt to share with you important revelations received by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Also the ideas and concepts may be abstract and require patient and careful thought and prayer for them to be properly understood and accepted. It is hope that the graphical presentations will aid you in your attempt to understand God's revelation for the new millennium and beyond. The slides were created over a period of two years. You are encouraged to read the Divine Principle which is available at a number of websites. Rev. Moon has made historical accomplishments during his more than 60 years of public mission. Study the amazing ways God has worked through the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Many prophecies were made by the Rev. Moon and many spiritualists and modern day prophets have also prophesised about the Rev. Moon. Pray earnestly because these are the first days of the Kingdom of God.

1st Edition: 2nd April'98
2nd Edition: 1st Nov'98
3rd Edition:10th May'05